Owner Name

If you enter the letters DAV, the search will return all parcels whose owner's last names begin with DAV (example - DAVIS). Enter the owner's last name followed by a space before entering their first name. First names are always optional and are commonly abbreviated so you may have better results by entering the last name only.

Street Number

Enter the address number of the physical address located on the property you are searching for (example: 5480).

Street Name

Enter the name of the street only. - Often, the type of road (road, street, trail, court) and directional (north, south, east, west) are abbreviated and can be omitted from your search.

Parcel Number

Entering a parcel number such as 74-20-006 will return all of the parcels beginning with 74-20-006. Enter the dashes (-) in the parcel number to match the format 74-XX-XXXX-XXX (no spaces between dashes are needed).

Please note that multiple fields cannot be searched at the same time.  So, only the active box (when you hit ENTER) or the item that you clicked to “Search” is queried.

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