The St. Clair County Employees’ Retirement System, under the authority of Section 12a of Act No. 156, of the Public Acts of 1851, as added by Act No. 249 of the Public Acts of 1943, as amended, is continued for the purpose of providing retirement income to qualifying employees and former employees, and survivor income to their qualifying beneficiaries.

The St. Clair County Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees: Authority and Responsibility

The administration, management and responsibility for the proper operation of the retirement system, and for interpreting and making effective the provisions of the retirement ordinance are vested in a Board of Trustees consistent with Article IX, Section 24 of the State of Michigan Constitution and P.A. 314 of 1965 as amended and other applicable law.

Deborah Martin, Chairperson (Road Commission Employee)
William Herpel, Vice Chairperson (St. Clair County Employee)
Timothy Ward, Trustee (Road Commission Board Chairman)
Geoff Donaldson, Trustee (St. Clair County Employee)
Karen Farr, Trustee (St. Clair County CMH Employee)
Karry Hepting, Trustee (St. Clair County Administrator)
William Oldford, Trustee (Citizen)
David Rushing, Trustee (St. Clair County Board of Commissioner)
James Spadafore, Trustee (St. Clair County Employee)

The Board of Trustee’s regular meetings are normally conducted on the third Tuesday of each month. They are held in the St. Clair County Administration Building at 200 Grand River Avenue, Port Huron, MI 48060 in the second floor conference room B at 8:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact Tami Rumsey.

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