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Recording Requirements

  • 2-1/2" margin at the top of the first page and 1/2" on remaining sides and additional pages.
  • Signatures must be original and names must be typed, stamped or printed beneath all written signatures. MCLA 565.201 (a) (e)
  • No discrepancy in the names shall exist between the printed names of such person, as appears, either in the signature, and the acknowledgment or jurat. MCLA 565.201 (b)
  • Instruments conveying or mortgaging any interest in real estate shall state the marital status of any male grantors. MCLA 565.221
  • The address of grantee/purchaser must appear on any instrument by which title to any interest therein is conveyed, assigned, encumbered or otherwise disposed of. MCLA 565.201 (a) (f)
  • The name and address of the person who drafted the document must appear on the documents executed in Michigan. MCLA 565.201A, 565.203
  • Documents purporting to convey or encumber real estate executed in Michigan must have an acknowledgement by a notary public. MCLA 565.8
  • Effective 4/01/04 acknowledgement must state "Acting in the county of ______________" MCLA 55.287
  • Court orders must be certified and sealed by the clerk of the court to be eligible for recording. MCLA 565.401, 565.411
  • The definition of a page. See Document Requirements.
  • The date of the document must appear on it.
  • You must indicate where the document is to be returned to on the document.
  • If the property conveyed is unplatted, the following applies: the grantor grants to the grantee the right to make ___ division(s)) under section 108 of the land division act, Act No. 288 of Public Acts of 1967. (If no number is inserted, the right to make divisions stays with the portion of the parent tract retained by the grantor; if all of the parent tract is conveyed, then all divisions rights are granted.)
  • This property may be located within the vicinity of farmland or a farm operation. Generally accepted agricultural and management practices which may generate noise, dust, odors, and other associated conditions may be used and are protected by the Michigan right to farm act.

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