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What Does a Prosecutor’s Office Do?

The Prosecuting Attorney is a member of the executive branch of County government and is independent of the Michigan Attorney General.

The Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for a wide array of legal functions for the county, including:

  • Act as the chief law enforcement officer of the County
  • Review, authorize and prosecute violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws of the State of Michigan and County ordinances committed inside the County
  • Authorize and prosecute felony and misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offenses
  • Represent the State and the County in criminal matters before the District & Circuit Courts; juvenile delinquency, parental neglect and miscellaneous probate matters in the Family Court, and appeals in the Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court
  • Advise the Department of Human Services on child abuse and neglect petitions, and represent them in actions to terminate parental rights
  • Attend contested mental health commitment hearings in Probate Court
  • File and prosecute actions to establish paternity
  • File and prosecute actions to establish or enforce child support orders

Contact Information

St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney
201 McMorran Blvd., Suite 3300
Port Huron, MI 48060

Phone: (810) 985-2400
Fax: (810) 985-2424
Email: Prosecuting Attorney

Photos courtesy of the Port Huron Times Herald and St. Clair County Sheriff's Department

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