How to Split or Combine Property

St. Clair County

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How to Split or Combine Property in St. Clair County

The County of St. Clair assists in the maintenance and updating of property descriptions, taxpayer name and address records for all 31 local assessing units (23 townships, 8 cities and 2 villages). Available to residents are property maps, which are updated as new information is obtained and aerial photos.

Property Split and Combination CHECKLIST:

  1. Contact your local municipality to verify the zoning requirements; frontage/acreage, usage, access; to assure requested change meets the local ordinances. The local assessor is your main contact person, the listing can be found here.

  2. IF creating a new taxable parcel, acquire documentation to show adequate easements for public utilities as per the State Land Division Act. This involves contacting the local municipality to find what utility easements will be necessary. A combination or transfer to adjacent parcel should not need to have easements done, as they most likely are already in place, please check with your local municipality to make sure everything is in order.

  3. Submit application including sketch or survey to St. Clair County Treasurer Department to or FAX 810-966-2566 for review of Land Division Act PA 591 for proposed split/combination. (ownership, delinquent taxes, parent parcel 1997, splits available, transferred & remaining, re-divisions available) Questions may be directed to (810) 989-6920. An administration fee of $25 is charged at this time for processing.

  4. Contact the St. Clair County Road Commission for a driveway evaluation on the resulting parcels. Contact utility companies for verification of proper easements if needed. These are requirements of the Land Division Act (P.A. 591)

  5. Submit all your approval letters, completed land division application, survey including new property descriptions to the municipality for final approval. Once this is submitted the township has 45days to issue an approval or denial, per the Land Division Act (P.A. 591).

  6. A copy of the land division application, approvals, legal descriptions for all parcels and necessary documents need to be returned to the St. Clair County Treasurer Office for new tax identification numbers to be assigned. This adds the property to the current year working tax roll.

  7. You can now sell or transfer the property. Please note: a legal name change and a deed with updated legal should be recorded with the register of deeds office for the split to be recognized per P.A. 591 and ownership to be properly transferred. It is also suggested if a new survey has been created, PA 132 states a certified copy of that survey shall be recorded with the Register of deeds at the time of conveyance of title. (i.e the survey and deed should be recorded at ROD at same time) This makes the survey “of record”.

Timeline for Processing Splits and Combinations

  • FEBRUARY 15 – splits approved prior should be entered at municipality for MBOR approval

  • MARCH – splits/combos posted

  • APRIL 4 – Local units MUST have their rolls turned into St. Clair County Equalization

  • MARCH to MAY – NO SPLITS/COMBOS processed due to Equalizations preparing the tax rolls for the State

  • JUNE – splits/combos posted

  • SEPTEMBER – splits/combos posted

  • DECEMBER – splits/combos posted


St. Clair County Road Commission, 21 Airport Drive, St. Clair MI 48079-1404, PERMITS DEPARTEMENT, (810) 364-5720 or FAX (810) 364.9050 website

City, Township and Village listing of telephone numbers and websites can be found at

Detroit Edison, Right Of Way Department, (586) 412-4760, FAX (586) 412-3037

AT & T, Right Of Way Department, 54 Mill St. P O Box 30, Pontiac MI 48342, (248) 456-0860, FAX (248) 972-0001 or Sue Sampier at (248) 456-0361 or

SEMCO Energy, Right of Way Department, 1411 Third Street Suite A, Port Huron MI 48060, Patrick Hurd, Engineer (810) 887-3041 FAX (810) 887-4233 email

Comcast, Construction Division, Lake Huron Construction Division, 6095 Wall Street, Sterling Heights MI 48312, office phone (586) 883-7250 Construction Department Jim Stitzel (586) 883-7253 (prefers to be contacted via phone in the morning) FAX (586) 883-7406


A listing of Cities, Townships and Villages can be found at this website

If you need an official tax roll, contact your local township assessor.


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Updated: 02.24.2017