Property Record for CITY OF PORT HURON

Local Assessing Officer: Ryan Porte
(810) 984-9742
Parcel Number: 74-06-010-2001-000
Parcel Address: 1411 03RD ST
Extra Addresses: 330 COURT ST
2021 State Equalized Value 0
2021 Taxable Value 0
Homestead 0%

Tax Description: BEG AT THE NW COR OF BL 72 OF SAID F.C. WHITE'S PLAT; TH S 89D 59M 45S E 294.93', TH N 0D 16M 30S E 17' TO A PT 33' S OF CL COURT ST; TH N 89D 59M 12S E 100.05' ALG S ROW LINE COURT ST; TH S 0D 9M 56S W 511.54'; TH S 09D 18M 15S E 382.11'; TH 213.70' ALG ARCH OF A 562.63' RAD CIR CV TO THE RT WITH A CHORD BEARING OF S01D 31M 49S W 212.41'; TH S 12D 28M 34S W 215.66'; TH S 77D 54M 41S E 16.09'; TH 194.69' ALG ARC OF A 1250.00' RAD NON- TANGENTIAL CIR CV TO RT WITH A CHORD BEARING S 18D 59M 29S W 194.49' TO N ROW LINE OF GRISWOLD ST; TH N 89D 59M 58S W 220.20' ALG N ROW LINE OF GRISWOLD ST, TH N 05D 44M 28S W 125.25'; TH N 02D 45M 30S W 130.12'; TH S 89D 58M 30S W 122.55' TO E ROW LINE OF FOURTH ST; TH N 0D 16M 47S E 1227.27' ALG E ROW LINE OF FOURTH ST TO POB, BEING A PORTION OF BLKS 69,70,71,72,78,79,80 & 81, F.C. WHITE'S PLAT OF SO PORT HURON 13.53 A . WHITE'S PLAT OF SO PORT HURON 13.53 A Split on 02/13/2008 into 06-010-2001-100, 06-010-2001-200, 06-010-2001-300;

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Sale DateSale PriceTypeGrantorGranteeLiber Page
7/30/1999$1,800,000WD  2833:302

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