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County Designated Assessor Sought

On behalf of its 8 cities, 23 townships and 2 villages, St. Clair County is seeking a qualified individual to serve as the County Designated Assessor, which will be designated by an Interlocal Agreement executed between the County Board of Commissioners and a majority of the Assessing Districts in the County. The individual designated as the County’s Designated Assessor must be approved by the State Tax Commission.

The County Designated Assessor must be an individual qualified and certified by the State Tax Commission as an Advanced Assessing Officer or Master Assessing Officer. The appointment of an individual as Designated Assessor does not create an employment or paid contractual relationship with the County. The Designated Assessor shall have no responsibilities as Designated Assessor during the period in which he or she is not acting as an assessor of record for an Assessing District within the County, other than to remain certified and in good standing.

The County Designated Assessor may charge an Assessing District that is required to contract with the County Designated Assessor a reasonable rate of compensation (e.g., periodic payment on a per parcel basis) and reimbursement of costs. The Assessing District shall pay reasonable compensation to the Designated Assessor, and be responsible to pay the reasonable costs incurred by the County Designated Assessor in serving as the Assessing District’s Assessor of record, including, but not limited to, the cost of overseeing and administering the annual assessment, preparing and defending the assessment roll, costs incurred in appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (i.e., appraisal costs, expert witness fees and attorney fees), and operating the assessing office (including employment of additional staff necessary to bring the Assessing District into compliance).

The services to be provided by the Designated Assessor to the contracting Assessing District include: preparation of assessment rolls, establishing a plan to correct deficiencies found in the State Tax Commission audit, timely delivery of documents and execution of forms, attendance at Board of Review meetings, handling property tax appeals filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal (either directly or through legal counsel), timely reporting and meetings with local officials of the Assessing District, and responsibility for overseeing assessing staff members of the Assessing District.

Applications for this contracted position will be taken until October 9th, 2020 and will require approval by a majority of the Assessing Districts.

Applicants should submit a letter of application outlining their qualifications and fees to Purchasing@stclaircounty.org.

Description of Position
Designated Assessor Defined

Bid Opportunities:
Bid opportunities are located through The Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network. The Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) is a group of agencies that joined forces to create a Regional Bid Notification System to notify companies of new bid opportunities. To register go to the (MITN) website.

Current Requests for Bids:
None available at this time

Surplus Auction:
The County periodically participates in auctions to dispose of confiscated property. Auctions are advertised in the local paper and on this website. The County also disposes of County equipment and vehicles via an online auction system located on the (MITN) website. All County property is sold as is, without warranties or guarantees.

Purchasing Associations:
The Michigan Public Purchasing Officers Association (MPPOA) is an organization that supports and sets standards for Public purchasing professionals.  To obtain information regarding this organization please visit www.mppoa.net.

The National Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) develops, supports and promotes the public procurement profession through education and research programs, professional support, technical services and advocacy initiatives. To obtain information regarding this organization please visit www.nigp.org.

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