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Facts About Composting


- A biological process in which microorganisms in the soil break down yard waste and food scraps into a valuable soil conditioner.

- Based on the highly efficient natural process of decomposition, which is nature's way of recycling nutrients back into the earth.

- The most economical way to care for your lawn and garden because it makes use of the free materials you might otherwise throw away.

- One of the most effective ways to dramatically reduce the solid waste stream in the United States.


- Yard waste is the second-largest component of our nation's solid waste stream! (Paper being the first.)

- Each day, the people of Michigan alone produce 32,000 tons of solid waste. Most of this waste is currently being landfilled.

- Approximately 20% of this solid waste is made up of grass clippings, leaves, and other compostable materials.

- In St. Clair County, each household generates approximately 759 pounds of yard waste every year.


- Help save landfill space for materials that cannot be recycled.

- Reduce air pollution caused by the burning of yard wastes.

- Help protect our water supplies from the chemicals in commercial fertilizers.

- Create your own natural soil conditioner to enrich your garden and lawn.

Feed Your Garden . . . Not The Landfill!

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