Public Health Volunteers

The St. Clair County Health Department is looking for a variety of individuals to help augment its existing workforce in response to a large scale or public health emergency event that has potential to adversely impact the wellness and health of our communities.

Why are volunteers needed?

Volunteers may be recruited for activities supporting large scale dispensing or mass prophylaxis clinics, neighborhood emergency help centers, public information campaigns, shelter operations, and advocacy or assistance for special populations.

Who can volunteer?

Any licensed or certified professional, student or those with experience and/or employed in the animal or human medical or health care professions.

In addition, volunteers are needed to help support site operations and core activities, for each health or medical professional we may need up to ten support rolls filled.

What types of rolls or positions?

Rolls and positions will be determined depending on qualifications, experience, and comfort levels. Examples include: Answering phone hotlines, provide medical triage, self-help information or education, administer vaccines, distribute prophylactic medication, greeter, interpreter, counseling, data entry, line management, and advocacy for special needs populations.

Occasional mailings and updates are provided to members of the volunteer roster. During an actual event, on-site training with job action guidelines is provided.

Liability and laws pertaining to emergency volunteers

Emergency Volunteers are covered under the umbrella of public health Code [1978 PA 368]; Emergency Management Act 390 of 1976 [MCL 30.411]; Government Immunity Act [MCL 691.140]; Good Samaritan Act [MSC 691.1501]; Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 [42 USC Chapter 139]. Enrollment into Michigan Volunteer Registry is necessary to assure protection under these Acts and Laws while volunteering for the St. Clair County Health Department.

Volunteer registration

Volunteer Logo 1.) Please complete the SCCHD Public Health Volunteer Application and mail or fax to:

        St. Clair County Health Department
        Attn: Emergency Preparedness and Response Division
        3415 28th Street
        Port Huron MI 48060
        Fax: (810) 987-0630

2.) Also Register online − MI Volunteer Registry