Millage Information and Distribution

St. Clair County Parks Maintenance Millage is on the Ballot August 6th

Please Remember to Vote!

This year marks the 30th year that the St. Clair County Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) will distribute 25% of the County Parks and Recreation millage funds collected back to the local units of government. 

The current millage rate is .4944 mils for 6 years. This adjusted millage rate is slightly less than the original .5 mils levied in 1995. The existing millage will generate approximately $3,692,722.12 in 2024 for parks and recreation facilities and programs, with $923,180.53 going back to 33 local units of government through the local millage distribution program.

In August 2024, an additional .4944 maintenance millage is being proposed for three years, expiring in 2027, the same year as the existing millage. If voters approve the additional millage, the owner of a house assessed at $100,000 will pay approximately $50 per millage for a total of $100 a year. Both millages will expire in 2027. This would provide an additional $3,692,722.12 for needed maintenance of existing park infrastructure.  It would also increase the local millage distribution program by $923,180.53.