Parks and Recreation - About Us

PARC Commissioners

Peter Leto
Timothy LaLonde
Melissa Hanners
Cindy Babisz
William Foster
Caleb Gordon
Dr. Geoffry Kusch
Chris Ruemenapp
Steve Simasko
Robert Wiley


The general purposes of PARC shall be: 

To study and determine the extent of need for parks, preserves, parkways, recreation and other conservation facilities within the County. To develop cooperative planning efforts with the various cities, villages, townships and school districts concerned with parks, recreation and conservation services. To serve as an information center for local parks and recreation commission/boards. To prepare and recommend to the County Board of Commissioners the adoption of a comprehensive coordinated county-wide parks and recreation plan.

Meet our Staff

Administrative Staff and Park Maintenance maintains an office at Goodells County Park

Dennis C. Delor, Director

Brad Brenske, Deputy Director – Projects and Training

Jason Clough, Park Manager

William Delor, Park Manager

Nate Kenner, Park Manager

Kelly Gardner, Office Coordinator

Kelly Whittington, Clerk II

Jennifer Catanzaro, Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator

Kirsten Lyons, Naturalist-Invasive Species Specialist

St. Clair County Parks and Recreation
8254 County Park Drive
Goodells, MI 48027

Phone: (810) 989-6960
Email: St. Clair County Parks Email


  • Is camping allowed for my event?                                                                                                                                                     

Camping is only allowed for our large events with prior PARC Board approval.  Any vehicle left overnight is subject to towing.


  • Is there a cancellation policy?

            Yes, please refer to our Rules and Regulations


  • Are golf carts allowed?

            Not allowed on a regular basis. Used for fair and other large events.


  • Can I bring my own grill?

            We encourage use of our on-site grills


  • When are the Historical Buildings open at Goodells County Park?

            Open during special events or by appointment through the Wales Historical Society or Farm Museum


  • Are horseshoes allowed?

            Not allowed


  • Do the parks have internet access?



  • Are candles allowed for an event?

            Tea light candles only. Luminaries if battery powered and No Tiki Torches allowed


  • Is metal detecting allowed at the parks?

Yes, must repair any digging done. (Exception of Fort Gratiot Light Station and the cemetery at Goodells Park)


  • Do you spray for mosquitos?



  • Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed at all the parks and must be on a leash at all times. They are not allowed on the beach at Fort Gratiot County park.


  • When can I make a reservation for next year?

            Reservations are accepted up to one year from the date of any event.


  • Can I ride my snowmobile at the park?

            Not allowed at any County Park nor on our trails.


  • Can I put up a tent?

            We do not allow tents. We have may facilities available to rent for your event


  • How do I get the key for my building rental?

            Our park staff will have the building unlocked at the time indicated on the rental contract.


  • Can I put up a volleyball net?

            Yes, as long as it is placed in an open area near your rental.  Not allowed on the beach.


  • Can I pay extra to have my event past 10pm?

          No, the park closes at 10pm and everyone must be out by that time.