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Formal transportation planning began in St. Clair County in 1981. The 1980 decennial census designated Port Huron an Urban Area (population greater than 50,000). The Port Huron Urban Area Transportation Study (PHUATS) was formed in accordance with the 1962 Federal Highway Act, which requires there to be a Continuing, Coordinated and Comprehensive (3-C) planning process operating in all urban areas. PHUATS represented the urbanized portion of St. Clair County.

The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) enabled the inclusion of the entire County in the study area. With that expansion, the name of the organization was changed to the St. Clair County Transportation Study (SCCOTS), and the transportation planning process became integrated as a program area withn the St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission.

Currently, federal laws, executive orders and the policies of the United States Department of Transportation have brought the issues of environmental justice, civil rights, public involvement, safety, air quality, livability, freight planning, and congestion reduction to the forefront of transportation planning.

The SCCOTS program provides participating local units of government and transportation agencies access to “pass-through” federal and state transportation funds. Other services offered to local governments, transportation agencies, and the citizens and businesses they serve include assistance, advice and education on particular transportation issues, projects, and programs. The SCCOTS program is also involved with transportation issue advocacy at the regional, state and national levels.

The service description of each program element takes into account the clientele of SCCOTS programs and whether they directly or indirectly benefit from the program. These clients include:

  • St. Clair County government;
  • Local units of government (cities, villages and townships);
  • Public and private transportation providers;
  • Federal, state, and regional regulatory agencies (FHWA, FTA, MDOT, SEMCOG, etc.);
  • The general public;
  • The business community; and
  • Transportation system users.


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