Seniors and persons with disabilities face real problems in disasters. Many seniors and persons with disabilities have distinctive emergency preparedness concerns. St. Clair County Office of Emergency Management is in the process of putting together a list of seniors and persons with disabilities. This list will be used in the event of an emergency to insure a quick and appropriate emergency response to residents of St. Clair County who have special needs.

From Emergency Management's standpoint, the term "handicapped" and "disabled" can be defined as any condition that drastically limits or prevents a person from performing a major life function. Functions affected by an impairment would be physical, mental, motor, sensory, or development. A handicap is a disadvantage caused by the disability.

The list will be kept confidential and given only to emergency first responders being Police, Fire, and EMS. In the event of an emergency, Police, Fire, and EMS will utilize this list and know where seniors and persons with disabilities are located.

The Special Needs List will also have an In State and Out of State contact person. In the event of an emergency, responders will be able to make contact with this family member or friend if needed. To register to be on the St. Clair County Special Needs list contact the Office of Emergency Management for a registration form at (810) 989-6965.

Contact Information

Office of Homeland Security / Emergency Management
295 Airport Drive
Kimball, MI 48074

Phone: (810) 989-6965
Fax: (810) 364-4603
Email: Emergency Management
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