The creation of the Gratiot Turnpike, now known as Gratiot Road, in 1832 led to the advent of Columbus Township. Organized as a township on March 11, 1837, Columbus is bordered by Yager Road on the north, Stoddard Road on the west, Division Road on the south and Mayer Road on the east.

For approximately 50 years, Emil's Restaurant was a popular attraction, known for its buffalo herd and buffalo burgers. Emil's founder, Emil Claerhout, acquired three excess buffalo from the Belle Isle Zoo in Detroit. The zoo's director, a friend of Claerhout's, thought the buffalo would be a good advertisement for the restaurant. Emil's Restaurant remains a popular attraction to this day.

The 2010 census indicates that there were 4,070 residents living in Columbus Twp.

The township has four churches and a small roadside park located on Gratiot Road, where travelers can stop for a relaxing picnic.

Located in close proximity to the 1-94 and 1-69 turnpikes, has been one of the major attractions for new families moving into the community. Minimum acreage requirements in the Residential Zoning District of 1.5 acres, has also been an attraction to those wanting to maintain the rural nature of the area.

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