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Brockway Township Fire Department

The new fire hall is located at 7643 Brockway Road, on the south end of Yale. The township residents are very proud of their fire department. The Brockway Township Fire Department is one of the best-equipped and housed departments in the area. While the fire hall is owned by Brockway Township, it houses trucks and equipment for both the Township department and the City of Yale Fire Department.

In 2004, construction was completed on the Brockway Township Fire Station No. 1. Construction of this outstanding building was made possible through a millage that was overwhelmingly passed by our residents. This is an 11,000 square foot building that is a showcase of design and well worth the trip to come and see. It has a drive-through facility with 5 full bays and has the capacity for 10 trucks and/or rescue vehicles. The facility was also designed as an emergency shelter for disaster relief. It features a full kitchen, meeting area and training room. The memorial in front of the building honors deceased former members of the fire departments for both Brockway Township and the City of Yale. All personnel on both the fire departments are volunteers.

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