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About the Plan

A document resulting from regional or statewide collaboration and consensus on a region or state's transportation system, and serving as the defining vision for the region's or state's transportation systems and services. In metropolitan areas, the plan indicates all of the transportation improvements scheduled for funding over the next 20 years.

The SCCOTS 2035 LRTP provides documentation of a dynamic 25-year planning process that considers social, environmental, energy, and economic factors in determining overall county transportation goals. The SCCOTS LRTP recommendations ultimately become part of the SEMCOG RTP. The following elements were assessed or considered in developing the SCCOTS 2035 LRTP:

  • Projected transportation demand of persons and goods in the county over the 25-year period of the plan.
  • Effective congestion, connectivity and access management strategies (i.e. Complete Streets) that demonstrate a systematic approach in addressing current and future multi-modal transportation demand.
  • Inventory of pedestrian walkway and bicycle transportation facilities.
  • Consideration of the results of the management systems.
  • Capital investment and other measures necessary to preserve the existing transportation system
  • Inventory of existing facilities to relieve vehicular congestion and enhance the mobility of people and goods.
  • Design concepts and scope descriptions of the proposed transportation facilities to develop cost estimates.
  • Multi-modal evaluation of the transportation, socioeconomic, environmental, and financial impact of the overall plan.
  • Current transit services available with future needs identified.
  • Proposed transportation system enhancement activities and the priorities with which they should be evaluated.
  • Effective Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategies for St. Clair County and integration on a regional basis.
  • A financial plan that demonstrates the consistency of proposed investments with already available and projected sources of revenue.
  • Consistency with the current St. Clair County Master Plan.

St. Clair County LRTP

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