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State Boating Laws

State Boating Laws
State boating laws are contained in Part #801 of Public Act #451 of 1994 and Public Act #116 (1998). Various other miscellaneous boating related laws can be found in parts of the penal code and under selected administrative rules.

Local Laws/Administrative Rules
Just as municipalities can enact local ordinances pertaining to their land area, so can these local municipalities enact rules which apply to their waterways - if approved by the Department of Natural Resources. Because waterways within the State are actually owned by the State, a special provision within the law allows local units of government to establish local watercraft controls for waterways within their boundaries, when enacted in cooperation with the State. These local rules are adopted as Michigan Administrive Rules.

Federal Laws
Michigan's Great Lakes and connecting waterways are federal, as well as state waters. Because of this dual jurisdiction, boaters must comply with not only state and local laws, but federal laws as well when boating on these waters. Law enforcement and marine safety on these waters is the responsibility of state and county officers and officers of the United States Coast Guard.

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