How do I report a crime?
All emergencies can be reported by dialing 911. For any other complaints, please call our dispatch at 810-985-8115 or toll free at 1-800-462-7111.

How do I report a disabled vessel or any other non-emergency situation occurring on the waterways?
By Telephone
: You may contact us at our central dispatch using any of the phone numbers listed above. DO NOT use 911 for NON-emergencies.
By Marine Radio: You may call our Sheriff's patrol boats on Channel #16 on the VHF radio. If there is no response, call the US Coast Guard and advise them of the nature of the situation.

How do I report an emergency on the water?
By Radio
(preferred method): Call "Mayday, Mayday,Mayday" Give the nature of your distress, your location and the name and description of your vessel. Wait for an answer. If non, repeat the call again. Please be aware that calling "Mayday" is for emergencies ONLY. Out of gas, being disabled, etc. is normally not life-threatening. Use Mayday only if you feel you, your passengers or vessel are in immediate danger.
By Telephone: Call - But be aware that if you are near Canadian waters, you may pick-up a cellular tower in Canada.

When must I report a boating accident?
Boating accidents in Michigan must be reported to a peace officer or the sheriff if: (1) there is any injury requiring medical attention; (2) a person dies or is presumed to have died; (3) there is damage greater than $100; (4) there is a disappearance of a person from a vessel. If involved in an accident with another vessel, all parties must stop and exchange information and render assistance. Accidents must be reported even if only one boat is involved. Water accidents (non-boating) must also be reported if: (1) there is serious injury; (2) a person dies or is presumed to have died, such as a drowning or near-drowning incident.

How do I get a copy of a police report?
Contact our Service Bureau at 810-987-1700 located at the Sheriff's main office at 204 Bard Street, Port Huron, MI 48060. There will be a small fee to cover costs of copying.

If I get a written violation, what must I do?
You must contact the court within 10 days. The court's telephone number and address are listed on the violation notice. Failure to answer a written marine violation can result in a warrant being issued through the prosecutor's office. Failure to answer a traffic summons can result in a suspension of a person's driver's license.

If I get stopped on the water, am I required to show my driver's license?
You are not required to show your driver's license. However, it the best way to identify yourself. Michigan law requires that ALL persons on a boat must correctly identify themselves. Failure to do so or providing false identification can result in a physical arrest. The vessel's registration certificate and/or documentation papers must also be carried on board and shown to any law enforcement officer, if requested.

Am I required to insure my boat?
Insurance for a vessel is not required under the law. However, it is highly recommended that some type of liability insurance be carried for the boat.
All emergencies can be reported by dialing . For any other complaints, please call our dispatch at 810-985-8115 or toll free at 1-800-462-7111.