Boating Safety

Our national statistics indicate that most people who drown either fall out of a boat or their boat capsizes. In nearly all of these cases no one was wearing a lifesaving device. More people would be alive today if they had just worn their PFD - Personal Flotation Device - or at least had them within reach. The National Safe Boating Council is focusing its efforts to make boaters and others aware of the importance of personal flotation devices. Michigan requires all youngsters under the age of 6 years to wear life jackets when riding on an open deck of a boat. Also, all persons on a personal watercraft must wear a PFD. In all other situations on a boat, there must be enough PFDs on the boat for each person aboard, the PFD must be in good and servicable condition, fit the intended wearer and be within easy reach. REMEMBER, it won't work if you don't wear it.


Whether in a motor vehicle or a boat - YOU AND ALCOHOL DON'T MIX. National statistics show that most boaters who are involved in boating accidents and boating fatalities have alcohol in their body. Even a small amount of alcohol in your body in combination with the effects of the environment (sun, wind, movement of boat) can have a disastrous effect. So if you are the boat operator - DON'T DRINK! And take care of your passengers. Intoxicated passengers have been known to fall overboard and drown. As the boat captain, all passengers are YOUR responsibility!