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Unified Planning Work Program

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) identifies in a single document the annual transportation planning activities that are to be undertaken in St Clair County in support of the goals, objectives and actions established in the Long-Range Transportation Plan. In short, it is an outline of the transportation planning activities that will be conducted by SCCOTS and its professional staff over the course of one year.

Serving as the basis for all funding assistance for transportation planning and programming for state, local and regional agencies, the UPWP undertakes various transportation planning activities and its member agencies. Strategic studies of land use and transportation issues give an accurate picture of St Clair County’s condition, and provide information to find solutions to transportation issues. The work performed under this annual work program is primarily accomplished by a combination of professional, technical and administrative staff of St Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission with the assistance and cooperative support of participating member agencies.

SCCOTS 2012-2013 UPWP

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