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Blue Water Bridge Plaza - Overview/Status

  • Current expected opening date for the Blue Water Bridge Plaza is 2019, depending on the budget process. If the budget process shifts again, the opening would likely move to 2020 for full build out.
  • The technical proposal (design/layout of buildings) has been approved by all of the federal agencies at the Bridge, except for Customs and Border Patrol. Local CBP staff has approved the plans, but CBP has not yet approved the budget. CBP has supposedly promised an answer in August.
  • Plaza project will not have to start over as far as Environmental Impact Statement. Instead, it will go through a Reevaluation process. The reason it will be a reevaluation process and not a completely new EIS is because the project is going from a larger project to a smaller project with a smaller impact. So the theory is that by going smaller, there will be reduced impacts.
  • MDOT will open the forum to citizens and local officials to identify impacts.
  • Reevaluation process is expected to start in 2012. It will be a 6 to 9 month process. The timing all depends on CBP’s decision in August.

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