Union Employment Contracts and Wage Scales


Court Bailiffs and Security Officers Association 1518

Circuit Court Family Division and Probate Court Employees Association

Circuit Court Family Division Supervisors Association

District Court Employees - AFSCME 1518

Friend of Court Employees - TPOAM

Friend of Court Supervisors Association

Human Resource Clerks and Specialists

Probate Court Clerical Employees - TPOAM

Probate Court Juvenile Counselors Association

Professional Nurses Association - MNA, Unit I

Professional Nurses Supervisors - MNA, Unit II

Prosecuting Attorney - Association of Professional Employees

Prosecuting Attorney Clerical Employees - AFSCME 1089

Sheriff Department Corrections Deputies and Professional Employees - Teamsters Local #214

Sheriff Department Corrections Command Officers Association - COAM

Sheriff Department Employees - POAM

Sheriff Department Supervisors - COAM

Communications Officers - POAM

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