Drinking Water Wells

A large amount of St. Clair County's residences and businesses rely on groundwater for drinking. As an individual property owner, you are responsible for sampling the water from your private well.

The St. Clair County Health Department evaluates proposed well drilling sites, issues water system installation permits, inspects systems during and after installation, and conducts bacteriological and partial chemical sampling. Water well and pump records are available for review at the Health Department. If you have questions regarding your existing or proposed well, contact Environmental Health at (810) 987-5306 and the Sanitarian assigned to your area will be able to assist you.

Permit Instructions
Any property owner intending to construct, develop, or install a private water system must submit an Application and Permit to Install Water Supply Facilities to the St. Clair County Health Department prior to the start of work. Applications must be accompanied by a site plan and fee.

Well Disinfection Procedures
If you do rely on a private water well for your drinking water, we recommended that it be tested regularly for Coliform bacteria and nitrates. Should your bacteria or nitrate sample come back unsafe you will be contacted by our Division advising you of corrective measures on how to Disinfect Your Water Well or upgrade your well to assure a safe source of drinking water.

If you no longer use your well, please contact the St. Clair County Health Department for proper well abandonment procedures. All obstructions in the well must be removed (ex. pump, wiring, etc). The well is then filled entirely with an approved grouting material. Proper abandonment of water wells help insure that our groundwater is maintained for the present and future generations.

Simple steps to safe guard your well:
(1) Maintain your Septic System
(2) Recycle your hazardous household wastes for free at the St. Clair County Landfill
(3) Sparingly apply fertilizers and pesticides
(4) Keep vehicles, landscaping, rocks, etc away from the well head to prevent damage

Water Well Information