Child Support FAQs

My circumstances have changed and I believe child support should be modified. What can I do?

  1. Request a review. Pursuant to statute, every three years either party may request a review of child support without having to pay the $60 filing fee. However, regardless of which parent requests the review, the case is eligible only once every three years.
  2. File a Support Motion. If your case is not eligible for the 3 year review, you may file a support motion. The Friend of the Court can provide the necessary forms, which you must then complete and file with the County Clerk. The fee for a Support Motion is $60, payable to St. Clair County Clerk.

I pay child support and I voluntarily reduced my income. Will my support be reduced?
No. The law states that child support will not be reduced based on a voluntary income reduction.

When making a recommendation for child support, does the Friend of the Court take into account my bills such as car payment, rent, utilities, or credit card debt?
No. The Michigan Child Support Formula considers the gross income for both parties, number of overnights each party has the child, other minor biological children a party must support, and insurance premiums and child care expenses paid by a party. The MCSF assumes all persons have certain living expenses. The Friend of the Court cannot deduct additional bills before calculating support and making a recommendation.

Is the Friend of the Court responsible for making sure that child support money is being spent on the children?
The law does not give the Friend of the Court the authority to dictate how child support payments are to be spent.

I have been paying child support, and the custodial parent is not letting me see my child(ren). Do I have to keep paying support?
Yes. Parenting time and child support matters are two separate issues. If a party is ordered to pay support, that obligation will be enforced regardless of parenting time issues. If your parenting time order has been violated, you may file a parenting time complaint with the Friend of Court.

The other parent is not paying child support as ordered. What can I do?
Once a payer of support has fallen more than 4 weeks behind in support payments, enforcement of child support may be requested in writing.

For further information regarding child support, see Understanding Child Support, a Guide for Parents

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