General FAQs

Starting a New Case

How can I obtain a payment history for my taxes?
You may submit a Request for Copy of Payment History with the Friend of Court. If it is your first request of the year, the Payment History is complementary. Any requests thereafter, will have a fee assessed. Please provide contact information with your request. You may also obtain and print payment information, free of charge, by registering with the MiCase website, which provides up to date account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I can’t get time off from work; can I call in for my hearing?
Only if the hearing is in front of an Attorney Referee, at the FOC. You should contact the office if you are not sure. If YOU are being Show Caused your failure to appear for a Judicial Show Cause hearing will result in a bench warrant.

How do I cancel my USBank Debit card?
You will need to contact the MiSDU at the toll free debit card information line (1-877-464-3324) and you will then be asked to set up a direct deposit into a checking or savings account. Checks are no longer issued for Michigan Child Support Payments, unless you meet certain criteria, this information will be available at the above listed toll free number. A printable Direct Deposit form is available on our website, and should be mailed to the address listed on the form.

I don’t have a case yet, how do I get visitation rights and will I have to pay support?
Once an action is filed through the Court (Family Division) a hearing will be scheduled to make recommendations for Support, Parenting Time, Custody, and Medical.

Can I give payments directly to the custodial parent?
If you have a charging case through the Friend of the Court, you are required to make payments through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU). If you continue make direct payments to the other parent, you run the risk that credit may not be applied to your account, as it could be considered a "gift".