Are there fees associated with registering with MITN?
Registering with MITN is free. Vendors that would like to have access to bid opportunities from all participating agencies have the two options shown below.

E-mail NotificationE-mail notification gives vendors numerous advantages to ensure they do not miss new bid opportunities that match their line of business. A few key advantages included with e-mail notification are shown below.

  • Instant notification of formal bids and RFP's that match your profile.

  • Instant notification of non formal bids (i.e., quotes) that match your profile.

  • Instant notification of addendums to any bid or quote you are notified of.

  • Ability to copy up to 6 contacts with each message you match with.

  • Ability to easily submit pricing online for quotes you decide to respond to.

  • Instant notification when awards are made to all bids and quotes you respond to.

  • Access to all awards for all bids and quotes on the system.

  • Includes notification from all participating agencies (even new ones that join in the future).

  • Ability to pinpoint opportunities you want to be notified of. Click here to review how!

  • Promotion of your company name to buyers when you match new solicitations.

  • E-mail notification for one year is $49.95, for two years $79.95, or for three years $99.95.

No NotificationThis option gives vendors access to search for documents of interest at no charge, but requires them to remember to login frequently to ensure they catch opportunities before they close. Key responsibilities associated with this option are shown below.

  • Vendors are responsible to login and search for formal bids and RFP's of interest.

  • Vendors are responsible to login and search for non formal bids (i.e., quotes) of interest.

  • Vendors are responsible to login and locate addendums to any opportunity you decide to respond to.

  • Vendors are responsible to login and search for award information of interest.

  • No promotion of your company name is given to buyers as they issue solicitations.

  • Buyers prefer vendors choose e-mail notification so they see all companies that match.

  • Vendors are not notified of any type of information from any participating agency.

Pop-up windows are used in the registration area to show you errors that may need correcting. When you click on the "Proceed to Registration Area" button, a new window will open so that you can continue on to the registration area. If you do not see a window open, please de-activate your pop-up blocker program. If you would like immediate assistance, please call the Technical Support Department directly at (800) 835-4603, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 8:30 P.M. Eastern Time.


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